Next Generation Healthcare is Here
The Biography Health platform provides a new way for patients and providers to work together. It helps providers take advantage of the latest advances in precision medicine to provide better diagnosis and outcomes. And it provides an all-in-one solution for patients to interact with their healthcare team to become more proactive in their healthcare journey.
Provider Tools
Clinical Decision Support tools help find actionable insights hidden in a sea of data
Latest family history, medical history, labs, etc.
Risk factors from genetics, pharmacogenetics, proteomics, epigenetics, etc.
Works plug-n-play with electronic health records, labs, pharmacies, etc.
Delivers a collaborative envirnoment to coordinate care with specialists to deliver patient-centered care
Patient Portal
Modern app supports convenient, personalized interaction with medical care team
Patients have access to their latest data, insights, and relevant reference materials
Frictionless interaction with a wide variety of providers, specialists, and services
Everything is securely stored in one place and available anytime
Patients are empowered with insights to empower their healthcare journey
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